September 19, 2019
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EGX Lights It’s Head Quarter in Blue on the World Autism Day
Egyptian Exchange
Posted: Friday, 5 Apr 2019

As one of The Egyptian Exchange’s objectives is to support the community development, EGX in cooperation with the Egyptian Autistic Society light its head quarter in blue on the World Autism Day on the second of April 2019. Mohamed Farid, EGX chairman, stated that autistic people have the right to integrate at the society which in return will enhance their capabilities and help in the development of the community. He added that EGX’s role is not limited to developing the capital market but also we have a social role to enhancing the sustainability approaches that contributes to the improvement of the living standard of individuals as well as increasing the awareness of participating and supporting the sustainable development. Finally, EGX is a main member at the Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative of the United Nation which emphasize the important role of the Exchanges in achieving the sustainability goals.
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