April 07, 2020
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ETF Market Makers Allowed to Place Orders with no Minimum
Egyptian Exchange
Posted: Friday, 14 Feb 2020

In light of the continuous efforts of The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) and The Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA) for the development of the Egyptian capital market, EGX submitted a proposal which was adopted by FRA eliminating the minimum quantity for inviting on ETFs which limited the trading of small investors on ETF. The amendment on article 3 of EGX’s chairman decision No. 133 for 2014, deleting a phrase in section 5 stipulating "the amount of trading shall not be less than 1,000 share per order". This decision comes as one of EGX’s efforts to provide diversified investment products that meet the needs of all investors, especially small investors, through long-term investments in EGX.
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