October 20, 2018
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WFE Workshop - Launch of the WFE Communications Task Force  

19 February 2009 - 20 February 2009
Zurich, Switzerland

Open to FEAS members.

Its goals would be :


1.     to review initiatives from exchanges and other international institutions on systemic issues

2.     to recommend to the WFE Working Committee coordinated action and find common policy

3.     to enable a network of communications experts to react quickly to unexpected market events

The Workshop theme is Leadership & Communication: What action, what message, what media.  The meeting focuses on the needs of regulated exchanges to position themselves during the global financial crisis.


The format of this workshop is roundtable discussions.  The topics include:


·         Restating the brand value of regulated exchanges.

·         Corporate Communications: Ways and Means.

·         Website Development : Building Networks of Expertise

·         Press Relations

·         Lobbying

The discussions will be led by a group of exchanges who helped the WFE develop its new brand, logo, website and communications strategy.  These colleagues bring extensive experience and expertise in areas such as media relations, branding, website development, marketing, corporate communication, and corporate policy advisors.  Please share this information with your colleagues.  Space is limited, and registration will be on a first come/first served basis.  Registration forms will be forwarded in the near future.

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See also: http://www.world-exchanges.org

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