November 13, 2018
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11 May 2010
Ceylan Intercontinental Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey
The International Conference on Global
Financial Regulations in the Aftermath of the Crisis that is being
hosted by the Association of Capital Market Intermediary Institutions
of Turkey (TSPAKB) on May 11, 2010. The event will bring together
regulators, self-regulatory organizations and trade associations for
the financial services industry, as well as market participants and
researchers from around the globe.

The main focus of the conference will be the impact of the regulatory
reforms that have been implemented and are being contemplated in the
aftermath of the global financial crisis. We will be examining in
particular the impact of the new financial architecture on the
financial services industry.

The key issues that will be discussed during the International
Conference are as follows:

The Future of Financial Regulations
The Future of Financial Markets
The Future of Financial Services Industry
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