October 16, 2018
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First meeting of the Taskforce of MENA Stock Exchanges for Corporate Governance  

5 July 2011

While the importance of good corporate governance in listed MENA companies is universally recognised, the role of stock exchanges in introducing and monitoring compliance with corporate governance standards has not been carefully examined in the region. The launch of the Taskforce of Middle East and North African Stock Exchanges for Corporate Governance by the OECD responds to this need.


The Taskforce, primarily composed of regional stock exchanges and regulators but also institutes of directors and other organisations which work on promoting corporate governance in the region, will convene for the first time on 5 July 2001 in Paris. The immediate objective of the Taskforce will be to discuss the role of regional stock exchanges in promoting good corporate governance. In the longer term, the Taskforce will seek to produce a regional comparative report analysing the role of MENA stock exchanges in promoting and enforcing corporate governance standards.


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