November 13, 2018
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Forum of capital market in Albania  

24 September 2013

On September 24, at Hotel Tirana, Consortium Hall at 10:00 am, the Albania National Confederation of Industries /AlbKonfindustria (www.konfindustria.al) and Tirana Stock Exchange (www.tse.com.al) will organize the First International Forum of Capital Market in Albania. 
In the Forum, as a very first event of this kind in Albania, there is a purpose to confront the requests of businesses, government, citizens and also the sector institutions with legal international standards that should be fulfilled in order to activate with success the Tirana Stock Exchange. There will be invited the main actors of the national businesses and international companies, high representatives of Government, homologous institutions of capital market area from the Balkan Region, Europe, USA, etc., banking sector, insurance, academic and university, etc. 

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See also: http://www.tse.al

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