December 13, 2018
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KASE opens trading in currency pair Chinese yuan / Kazakh tenge under settlement scheme Т+2
Kazakhstan Stock Exchange
Posted: Saturday, 16 Sep 2017

Trading in instrument CNYKZT_SPT will be conducted during the day trading session on KASE from 11:30 to 15:30 o'clock Almaty time. Settlements will be carried out on the second day after the deal conclusion date. Only Kazakh banks – members of KASE, including subsidiaries of banks of the PRC, may participate in trading in the new instrument. The purpose of launching the CNYKZT_SPT is expanding the range of instruments involving the Chinese yuan, as well as increasing the amount of transactions in national currencies of Kazakhstan and China. Representatives of Bank of China limited and SB Bank of China in Kazakhstan took part in the ceremony of opening of trading in the new instrument. On the trading opening day, SB Bank of China in Kazakhstan, the market-maker for trading in the currency pair CNY/KZT, concluded the first deal in the new financial instrument. The first trading session in the currency pair Chinese yuan / Kazakh tenge took place on September 25, 2014 on KASE. On that day trading in instrument CNYKZT_TOD was opened. On February 20, 2017 the Exchange launched trading in the Chinese yuan with settlements Т+1 in tenge (CNYKZT_TOM). There are three market-makers for the Chinese yuan on KASE – Subsidiary Bank "Bank of China in Kazakhstan", Subsidiary Bank "Sberbank of Russia" and Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (Almaty). In eight months of 2017 the total amount of trading in CNY/KZT on the Exchange made CNY77 mln, which is by 59 % more than in the similar period of last year. The absolute one-day record of trading in CNY/KZT makes CNY3.8 mln (August 27, 2015).

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