January 19, 2019
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CSDIran Undergoing Major Renovations to Improve Work Environment
Central Securities Depository of Iran
Posted: Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Central Securities Depository of Iran is undergoing major renovations and upgrades at its headquarters in the capital Tehran to make the offices not only more efficient but more pleasant for the workers. The renovations will include an interior overhaul, creating more space for the employees with more open space and more room for everyone and everything to spread, among others. The brand new furniture grants each worker get their own desk. This allows workers to have privacy but also gives them the option of easily interacting with their coworkers whenever they like. The design offers a somehow open-air office, with desks set up in the middle of the space and new generation of cubicles. There are also private offices and meeting rooms, but for the most part, everything is open and spacious. Floor by floor, just as staffers leave the building on Wednesday evenings for the weekend, the offices are being cleared furniture construction workers flood in. By Saturday morning, when employees are back to work a major share of the work is done and the process in no way interferes with their routine work. Enthusiastically enough, the restaurant on the first floor is to be relocated to the top on the 8th floor where it is planned to have windows in place of walls, allowing workers to enjoy looking outside while having lunch.

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