October 23, 2017
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Advertising Information

FEAS, (The Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges), as you may be aware, is a not-for-profit organization of stock exchanges dedicated to best practices and promotion of capital markets in the Euro-Asian Region.  Our members include stock exchanges which span from the Adriatic Sea to the borders of China. For a full list of members please visit our website at www.feas.org.  In total FEAS has 34 Stock Exchange members and 16 affiliate members (Clearing Houses and Central Depositories) from 30 countries.  Due to our ever expanding membership and information circle, we would like to provide you the opportunity to reach our members, subscribers and investors.

FEAS again this year  will publish the FEAS Year Book (June) and semi-annual Inter FEAS Magazines where we will produce the Annual Report (FEAS Book)once a year in May; in printed and electronic form and the  magazines(INTER FEAS) 2 times in written and in electronic form on the FEAS Web Site only(please note the separate contributions are applied per publication).

The successes of FEAS are proven in that we will again be able to offer an outstanding publication with a targeted readership, positive in its outlook and committed towards the promotion of your organization and our region as a whole. This will also give you a chance to address the FEAS Members and guests at one of the FEAS meetings.  

Extra Benefit - Participation in Events Full Page Cover (inside front and back or outside back) advertisers will be offered the extra benefit of participating in organized FEAS events, if there is availability. Advertisers invited to specially organized events and conferences will be able to participate free of charge to utilize the event to promote their organization, industry or specific efforts, within the context of market operations and issues.